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Yard pipu! How una dey? Today ehnn, na gist full ground. So sit tight and lend me your ears…

First off, can you believe it’s been an entire year since I started Just the Tips! – the blog? Like my first ever post here was on the January 2nd 2021. Crazier still is the fact that I didn’t even remember till I started putting this post together; pray for my memory y’all.

I’m happy though. Really happy that I’ve managed to keep this blog running for an entire year, happy that y’all stuck with me on here even when I disappeared for months at a time, happy that elections in Nigeria are next year, happy to have entered a brand new year, but most of all, I’m happy that ‘m happy! No seriously, in all my years, I can not ever remember being excited about life but for the first time ever, sometime in the last quarter of last year, I started looking forward to LIVING and doing life big on this here planet. It was a huge shift. So now, I’m charging into the next decade of my life like I’ve got the host of heaven riding with me cos guess what? I do!

Now, to the gist I promised. This post is actually a do-over of a rant I was going to post sometime in November. I was at a very low point and my daily prayer was for God to speak life back into me cos it was a whole ‘man down!‘ situation. You see I had started 2021 on a very giddy note, kind of like how I’m starting 2022, but different. I had such high hopes, I had finally made the decision to take back control of my life and things had been looking up really. It was smooth sailing until say July/August. That was when it all came crashing down.

All my carefully stacked up plans were going down like dominoes. A project really dear to my heart that I’d birthed suddenly went cold and simply wouldn’t yield to my revival efforts. My job was beginning to wear me out but worst of all, my finances were beyond shitty. When I say nothing was working y’all, I mean NOTHING was. Thank God for family, the best crop of friends a girl could ask for, and God’s mercy cos a girl was sinking fast! So if you ever was exasperated at my inconsistencies throughout last year, ’twas because I was going through it y’all. I was struggling bad.

Fast-forward to October 2021 when I started writing that rant piece to share with y’all cos I was having a particularly shitty week. Then came 2 emails some days later notifying me that I had gotten my first academic paper published in an international journal, and had been listed as a contributor (alongside Ms. Confidence Staveley 😭) in a major global publication featuring over 40 countries. November had me quitting my job only to get another I didn’t even apply for, and December came with an invitation to be part of an international team that will be pulling some mad stunts starting Q1 of this year. All with beautiful pay too! When I say God uses me to brag different, no be cap.



And just like that, I got my 180-turn back to sanity. How I went from down and out to walking on air in the final moments of the year is a miracle that will forever hold a special place in my heart. There’s something that just hits different watching seeds you’ve planted over time start blooming. I had started 2021 with Oee speaking some amazing words into my life, words that indeed played out in a rather uncanny fashion. So when dude started this year in the same fashion, I quickly joined my faith with his and sealed that deal right quick! 😁

But I wasn’t the only person who had a good run last year though; it was a particularly interesting one for my people too. There were those that landed brand new jobs, got houses, graduated school, got married, had babies, got pregnant, and experienced a boom in their businesses. And like myself, there were some pretty rough times for them too, in various aspects of their lives, all with stories which aren’t mine to tell.

January 1st 2022, Oee asked me what I want for the year. SUCCESS, it really is all I want. Success in my career, my projects, my personal affairs; success for my family however they want it; success for my friends too cos it’s all way past due. For 2022, I want to be overwhelmed by success on all fronts. I want to be able to pour back into all those who have been pouring into me all my life, I want to be able to gift my people with stuff they’ve been wanting and watch them light up with joy, I want to be able to take care of my family like I’ve been wanting to my entire life, I want to kick-ass at work, I want all dry bones in my vicinity to come alive, I want to hang on to God and not let go no matter what cos these streets be muddy out here, I want SUCCESS.

Looking back, I had a really good run last year and I’m thankful for it all; highs and lows. But what about you though? How did you deal with 2021 and WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM/FOR 2022?

May the year be kind to us all but most of all, may we go through 2022 on our own terms regardless…!





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