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Pirates of the Internet

By show of hands, how many of you have used pirated software? You know, the ones popularly called cracks? The kind we download from the internet ‘free of charge’, as against paying HUGE sums for an official license? Because both hands of mine are up as we speak…

Why so much ado about free software though, you might ask? Because there’s an element of criminality involved. You see, Pirated Software are duplicated and distributed without permission from the actual owner(s) of the software. In other words, Software Piracy is Intellectual Property Theft and therefore, a Cyber Crime!

For the most part, people use pirated software because they can’t afford, or don’t want to pay for the legitimate software. What we tend to forget though is that there is NO free lunch. You always get to pay someway, somehow. This means the so-called ‘free’ software you download are not exactly free, the distributors actually take something from you in return, something(s) a lot more expensive than the license fee you dodged. Something like your data, or even your identity! And their play is quite easy to figure out actually.

I mean, you go check out a software, find out it’ll cost you about say $420, then you find out there’s a website where you can download it for free with no hidden charges. All you have to do is deactivate your device antivirus and firewall to be able to install the software. The software also has to be installed a certain way following a very strict set of instructions, else it won’t work. Like if that doesn’t scream RED FLAG! to you already, we might have to hold a ‘prayer of discernment’ session for you because c’mon…

Thing is, you can get these software free of monetary charges, but you definitely get to pay in trials and tribulations. Because most pirated software are Trojans; they come embedded with Viruses, Ransomware, keyloggers & many other forms of malware. They’re basically very effective vehicles to accessing (read as stealing) your data. And this is barely the half of it. There are instances where either the software doesn’t contain some of the pro features you were actually looking for, or it messes up results when you use it. Either way, it malfunctions.

What’s that saying again about bringing ant-infested firewood into your home?


Another wahala with pirated software is they don’t come with updates, and therefore, ZERO technical support. No support means if anything goes wrong while you’re using the software, like if it malfunctions; you are very much on your own.


All I’m saying is God [and the law] don’t like ugly. So continue to duplicate, distribute or download pirated software at your own risk! Brethren, grace to you.


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