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1. It is one of those nights – lonely. But it is also a Monday, that means tired. Bad combo. Was talking to the best friend some moments  ago. Told her I miss her. Told her I would have been living with her by now, in this season of my life. She misses me too. Long distance relationships are hard. Love isn’t though. I love her crazy self.

2. Grace. I am not sure the depth of the word struck me fully till a few years ago when the reality of my parents’ ageing struck me. Recently, the same event has been teaching me gentility too. Care, something about fragility. One look at them and the wind whispers ‘Remember Humpty Dumpty…

3. Falls hurt. Bad. And I should know – there’s scars to prove it true. I have never had much balance, still trip over myself and not just because I’m stunning. We once had a running joke, a friend and I; a cross between a deal and a dare really. That he will never let me fall.

I was always threatening to fall around him; sometimes deliberately just to irk him, but most times ‘cos I was just been the girl who’s center is off in more ways than one. And he almost always caught me too, else the bones I would have broken! I only realized a few nights ago during a chit-chat how deeply the deal/dare ran. Because falls hurt, and deals, like bones can get broken too.

4. Last year, I learnt yet again the cost of choosing to choose which of God’s instructions to listen to.  Like when He instructs us not to go being unequally yoked. That instruction deals with a lot more than just marriage as we often limit it to. Don’t sleep on it. Good thing The Father saves before He chastises.

5. Love on your family while they are still here. They won’t be here forever. Love on your people, your tribe, while they can still receive it. However you can. Never miss a chance to show them, to tell them how much.

6. Someone once asked me if I ever get lonely. Well, here goes nothing.

7. There is only two of us females who are yet unmarried in my friend group, which is technically one person because I don’t count. Still feels wild to me when I think about it. Really need to ‘blow’ soon cos the nephews and nieces need spoiling!

8. I need discipline. In all areas of my life. Desperately. Send HELP.

9. In December, a friend recently called me out on my BS (read as greed) that is often disguised as ambition. Very unhealthy behavior that has definitely cost me a lot financially. I am still grateful for the ear-pull ‘cos now I know what signs to look out for. Have you ever crossed that line yourself? How could you tell?

10. I think my next post on here will be a Cybersecurity Tip. It’s been far too long, no? Yes. I know, I know…

11. Happy new year! Now if we would all just look away and act like I said that first and 2 weeks ago…

Class dismissed.


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