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On Dumpster Diving and Letting Go

Do you dispose of possessions you no longer have a use for, or are you a hoarder?

My mom and BigSis are some of the craziest hoarders I’ve met in my life! Also, the BigSis will kill me when she reads this so pray for my soul y’all Anywho, I’m always getting into trouble with these 2 for throwing their stuff away. But really, you can’t quite blame me for disposing of junk that has sat in my father’s house from since before I was born, or can you?

Thing is, I’m quite the minimalist. I HATE to see stuff just lying around so if I haven’t used it in what I consider a long while (which is relative), I throw it out. This means half of the time I’m either putting stuff into boxes/jars to put out of sight, or taking out trash. I’m so minimalist the only things I need lying around for no reason are FOOD & MONEY. And books, I LOVE BOOKS! If I’m being honest, books are actually the only things I hoard in this life in fact, the older my books, the more I treasure them. Now that I’ve exposed all my life’s secrets, pity me and bless my existence with Luvvie Ajayi’s new book; Professional Troublemaker. It’s the one thing I need most in my life right now.

But I digress, back to the non-hoarding problem. You know how God created everything that exists in 2s? The bad side of my putting/throwing things away all the time is that sometimes I end up discarding stuff I shouldn’t have, because I acted too fast. Oee forever scolds me for deleting phone numbers I should have kept, but he’s also just a big bully so it doesn’t quite count.

The good part – and this is where the lecture starts – is that it keeps nonsense far from me at all times. Did you think this girl was just referring to objects as ‘things’? Nah fam, ‘things’ also include humans. Because some humans are just…

Plus God said somewhere in the Bible that we shouldn’t suffer fools gladly (check Proverbs), and I’m a good Christian, so. Another benefit of my trashing abilities is that it GREATLY reduces my risk of falling victim to a cyber attack.

Did anyone ever tell you to always uninstall apps you don’t use from your devices, or not keep sensitive documents lying around (at home or on your office desk), or to delete/store your nudes & other such images in a password protected app? No one has told you? Not even me? Wahala dey be that, cos YOU TOTALLY SHOULD. But even more important than sensitive garbage disposal is the manner of disposal.

What good is just crumpling up and dumping sensitive documents, and/or your old passports, and/or your expired credit & debit cards into a trash can; when a malicious human could just take a deep dive into your dumpster, take out your trash, and use that information to attack you?! Yep, dumpster diving is actually a thing. Remember when I said some humans are trash?

We need to always be careful enough to either shred our trash to pieces or burn it to ashes. Because cyber criminals are crazy trashy humans. And don’t always take to heart that saying that warns against burning bridges with people; when people try to treat you the way Nigeria treats her citizens, feel free to burn the bridge to the ground, with said people ON IT of course.

Morale of the story: Learn to let go of things that no longer add value to your life, but do so in such a way that doesn’t hurt you too.

This is the word of the Lord…

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