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Oh my, what clever minds we have!

Earlier today, I was listening to a social engineering podcast and something the guest speaker said caught my attention. It was about the victim-blame culture.

You know how someone gets mugged or raped or abused in some type of way and you’re in your corner thinking (in your head or out loud) what they must have done to deserve that? She said it’s a human survival-mode thing. Apparently, our minds hate to acknowledge that shitty things could happen to just about anyone at anytime, unprovoked. So that blame game we play is a safety net our minds conjure to feel like ‘That could never be me cos I would never put myself in a position like that’, or something along those lines.

It takes away the need for empathy, because empathy requires us to somewhat put ourselves in the victim’s shoes in order to really understand their pain. It tells us that whatever pain the victim feels, whatever burden they carry, that is all theirs to bear alone. It represses all thoughts of that wrong happening to anyone you love and least of all, YOU. It makes you untouchable. It makes you safe. It’s our mind’s job to do that after all, to keep us safe, sane.

And in a way it kinda makes sense because do you realize how crazy it would be if we took everyone’s suffering to heart? Especially with the state the world is currently in. It’s a twisted form of self-preservation, but a sensible one all the same.

There’s no moral lesson to this piece, sorry if you were looking out for one. If I’m being honest, I don’t even know what I’m getting at. I just caught some information that intrigued me and thought to share with you guys. In the words of Ed Sheeran, I am merely thinking out loud.

So what’s up? How’s y’all doing? How are y’all treating life today? Talk to me…

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