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Mitigating Cyber Risks – Identity, Verification & Registration

Most websites and cloud service providers will have you create some sort of account on their platform BEFORE you access any of their data or services. It can be frustrating, I know, especially for a service you’ll probably never require again. And let’s not even get started on the spam mail that follows…

Dearly beloved, what if I told y’all you DO NOT have to create those accounts using your actual information? Mhmm, I’m not even joking.

So here’s the thing; most online service providers will require you to register and give some amount of personal information (emails, card details, etc) before you can access their services, but you should ALWAYS mind who you give such crucial information to. This protects you from invasion of your privacy, phishing, spam mail, identity theft and so many other cyber crimes. Where possible, simply do not create an account.

If you must create an account however, use fake information wherever possible; fake name, home address, age, email, etc. Because these information are generally not verifiable on those platforms. A good option for fake emails is creating disposable or throwaway emails. These are temporary emails that can be used to verify sign-up processes. This here showcases 10 websites and apps that offer temporary email services. You’ll do well to check it out and pick the one that best suits you;

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