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Failure? A Teacher

What is the cost of passion?
How much is an idea worth?
You probably know the answer, don’t you? Unless you have never embarked on a new personal project in your life, you have an idea of what I am talking about.

Let me tell you a short story, my story. It is not yet finished but the end is not what’s important right now.

I started a farm after graduating with a degree in Economics, I know what you’re thinking… but yes I did. A Vegetable Greenhouse to be exact. At the beginning like all beginnings, the sun rose and shone brightly on my crops and so did my hope like yeast to dough. My end was gonna be bright too. I had faith you know.



I was happy when I planted my first batch of tomatoes, my first tender seedlings of pure greens! They as tiny and fragile as they were put a spring in my step and an extra sweetness in my coffee. I was turnt up (as the kids say these days). Fast forward to a month later, they were all dead. Yup, withered up like the tree Jesus cursed. I was TORN apart! Very first batch and not one of them even budded, let alone flowered.
I eventually gave up on tomatoes after several trials and planted seedless cucumbers instead; they did well and the season did not end badly.

That first season thought me a lot, those deaths tested my resolve. But 5 years later I’m still farming, my farm is bigger and my general estate is fending better but sadly, my plants are still dying. See, death is part of the process seeds go through before they germinate. You can’t for the fear of death not sow a seed, you won’t grow anything. I am not where my initial projections said I was gonna be in 5 years. No not even close. Turns out the business of farming is much more complicated than memorising names of pests and germination charts. It’s mostly undignified and boring, it’s repeated monotone; a ritual of same routine that is predicted by consistent fumigation, watering, weeding, fertilisation, inspection and repeat. It can be dull!

But watching nature create has taught me a lot about PROCESS. Growth happens in the mundane unappealing state of routine; success is the byproduct of your daily work. So trust the process, your time will come. Just do the work and the results will handle themselves. Let’s not be in a haste to blow because blow wey no go let you sleep for night no worth am! I know hunger by first name. I know shame a little too well. I know scorn too. But I’m still here pushing and believing. The journey is still rough but way smoother than when I started. These days, I offer farmers free consultation from the lessons I have learnt from my failures. Someday, not so long again, me sef go blow but till then, I’ll be out here arguing whether cow dung is a better manure than horse shit.

Now you know the cost of my passion, what is yours? How far are you willing to go and how much are you willing to sacrifice? Do you have a dream you want to come true? Trust the process. Like gold you’re probably gonna pass through the fire – don’t fight it. Let it burn out the dross and dust!




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